Spa Swag for Warriors 501(c)3

Spa Swag for Warriors is dedicated to providing high quality bath and body products to deployed female service members overseas in order to increase the morale, well being, and retention of women in the military, and to reduce the stresses of hardship tours

There are many ways you can contribute. We accept donations of these most-wanted items for women in the field. No aerosols please. Mail items to: 

Spa Swag for Warriors
PO Box 414
Sterling, VA 20167-0414

Spa Swag for Warriors is a 501(c)3 and will provide a Tax Deduction form upon receipt.

Bath & Body

luxury soap | shampoo and conditioner | deep conditioner
leave-in conditioner | body scrub
lotion | hand and foot creams
eye cream | face lotion with SPF


face masques | BB cream with SPF
face wipes | hair spray/gel | lip balm


depilatories | eye pillows
 sleep mask | essential oils