Spa Swag for Warriors 501(c)3

Spa Swag for Warriors is dedicated to providing high quality bath and body products to deployed female service members overseas in order to increase the morale, well being, and retention of women in the military, and to reduce the stresses of hardship tours

A note from the FoundeR: 

In 2014, one of my best friends - a female Marine Corps officer - deployed to rural West Africa during the height of the Ebola crisis. While her daily essential needs were technically met, she and her fellow female soldiers lacked high quality bath and body products. I asked friends and family to donate items to send, and was overwhelmed by the response and generosity.  Everyone had extra samples in their bathroom cabinet, and was excited to send them to a service member in the field.

I started Spa Swag for Warriors in January 2015 so that other courageous ladies serving abroad will be able to enjoy a luxurious spa swag bag as well while on deployment. Our lady warriors need and deserve a little something extra while on deployment - we aim to send every woman overseas a spa swag bag. 

We accept in-kind donations of high-quality bath, body, and beauty products from individuals and from companies which are packaged into "spa swag" bags and mailed to female service members overseas. It is very important to me that the products we send are brands I have used and will appeal to a wide range of ages and skin types. 

I am constantly inspired by the hardworking members of our military, especially the ladies. You serve our country and deserve some pampering at the end of a long hard day.

We care for those who serve, and are committed to making a difference - one spa swag bag at a time.

With gratitude,